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Q5320060: Can I force the SMS and MMS toolkit to use TEXT mode to send SMS messages instead of PDU mode ?

Q5800510: I'm using SMS messaging to notify my operators. It looks like SMS messages are sent out, but we do not receive SMS messages on our mobile phones. What can be the problem?

Q5240120: Are there any SMPP simulators available so we can test your software without subscribing to a commercial SMPP provider first?

Q5340030: Can the toolkit send colored picture messages?

Q5240200: When connecting to the SMPP server, I always get error 33201(Failed to connect to smpp provider). Why?

Q5240082: I have enabled delivery reports for SMPP, but I always get 'Enroute'. What is wrong?

Q5420010: Do you have a list of supported MM4 MMS providers?

Q5800105: I often receive error 33206 (SMPP operation timed out) when sending messages through SMPP. What is wrong?

Q5900040: I received an activation key. How do I activate the product now?

Q5240040: I ran out of SMS credits during evaluation. Can I get more credits to continue testing?

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