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Q2750055: Why am I getting error 134?
The hostname used to connect to your Smtp- or Pop3 server cannot be resolved to an IP address by your DNS server. Possible reasons are: an invalid hostname, or incorrect DNS settings.
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Q2750035: Is ActiveXperts Email Component thread-safe?
Yes, ActiveXperts Email Component is 100% thread-safe. It can be used by multiple applications simultaneously, and each individual application can have multiple concurrent threads using ActiveXperts Email Component.
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Q2750060: When I try to send an e-mail, I get ERROR 169: 'EncryptMessage failure in SSPI module'. What's wrong?
This is a bug in the Operating System's SSPI (Security Support Provider Interface) module. It happens sometimes to Microsoft Vista/7 x64 Operating Systems and Windows 2008 x64 Operating Systems. To solve the issue, apply the latest Service Packs and Hotfixes. For details, please check
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