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Q2150015: Does the ActiveXperts Email Component support secure POP3 (SSL)?
Yes, secure mailservers such as are supported. You should switch to secure mode through the SetSecure method.
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Q2150010: Is ActiveXperts Email Component compliant with any POP3 mail server?
ActiveXperts Email Component is RFC 821, RFC 822, RFC 1521 and RFC 1522 compliant. As a result, ActiveXperts Email Component is compliant with virtually any POP3 server. ActiveXperts Email Component also complies with secure mailservers (TLS/SSL) such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail ( and Windows Live (
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Q2150016: Which POP3 authentication protocols are supported?
Two authentication protocols are supported: PLAIN and APOP. By default, auto-detection is used to detect the POP3 server's preferred authentication method. Use the Authentication property to force a particular authentication method.
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Q2150030: When I delete a message from my POP3 mailbox, the CountMessages method still returns the same number of messages. Is this a bug?
No, it's not a bug. When you delete a message (by calling the DeleteMessage method), the message is not deleted yet, but marked as deleted. It will be deleted as soon as the connection is broken.
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Q2150020: I want to connect to my POP3 server on a different port than default port 110. The 'Connect' function doesn't seem to support this. How can I achieve it?
You should set the HostPort property. HostPort is assigned 110 by default. Assign a different value to connect to a different port. Note: You should set 'HostPort' BEFORE calling the Connect method.
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Q2150040: I have 10 messages in my POP3 mailbox, with Message IDs [1..10]. When I delete message [5], do the Message ID's of message [6..10] change?
No, the Message ID's do not change. This is because the message is actually not deleted, but marked as deleted. It will be deleted as soon as the connection is broken. So, in your situation after deletion, you will have the following valid Message ID's: [1..4] and [6..10].
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Q2150060: Why should I use the 'GetEmailHeader' method? The 'GetEmailMessage' retrieves the same fields as 'GetEmailHeader', and even more.
The GetEmailHeader is much faster, because it only reads the e-mail message header. It doesn't read the actual message body or e-mail attachments. Message bodies and attachments can be large, up to a few megabytes or even more.
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Q2150080: Can I save messages retrieved from my POP3 mailbox so I can drag the messages to my Outlook Express e-mail client?
Yes you can. Use the SaveMIME method to save each incoming message to a MIME file. After the messages have been saved, you can drag/drop them to Outlook Express.
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Q2150050: I get an error message when I connect to my POP3 server.. How do I know the meaning of this error code?
The following page lists all ActiveXperts error messages: You can lookup any ActiveXperts error code, including all ActiveXperts Email Component error codes.
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Q2150081: Can I save messages retrieved from my POP3 mailbox so I can drag the messages to my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client?
Yes, that is possible. It works similar to MS Outlook Express. See KB 2150080.
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Q2150085: Does ActiveXperts Email Component contain any cryptographic code that might add export restrictions to the product using the toolkit?
ActiveXperts Email Component uses file 'Schannel.dll' of the operating system for secure SMTP- and POP3 communications. The DLL is part of all major Windows operating systems; it is not included in the ActiveXperts Email Component installation package. For details, please check the following URL:
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