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Q2100040: When I send an email, I get error 505: "Client does not have permission to send as this sender; change the sender e-mail address". How should I solve this?
This means that the SMTP server requires authentication before sending out an e-mail. Pass the login and password parameters in the Connect method. In VBScript, the code looks like this: Set objSmtp = CreateObject( "AxEmail.Smtp" ) ... objSmtp.Connect(, user-id, password )
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Q2100080: I get an error message when I send an e-mail. How do I know the meaning of this error code?
The following page lists all ActiveXperts error messages: You can lookup any ActiveXperts error code, including the ActiveXperts Email Component codes.
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Q2100050: I want to connect to my SMTP server on a different port than default port 25. The 'Connect' function doesn't seem to support this, how can I achieve it?
You should use the HostPort property. HostPort is set to 25 by default. Assign a different value to connect to a different port. NOTE: You should set 'HostPort' BEFORE you calling the Connect method.
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Q2100027: Is SMTP authentication supported?
ActiveXperts Email Component supports the following SMTP Authentication protocols: AUTH LOGIN, AUTH PLAIN and AUTH CRAM-MD5. By default, ActiveXperts Email Component detects the preferred authentication method. For a preferred authentication method, use the Authentication property to force a particular authentication method.For more information, click here.
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Q2100100: Can I export an e-mail message from Microsoft Outlook Express and re-send it using ActiveXperts Email Component?
Yes, that is possible. First, export the message in Outlook Express and save it as an '.EML' mail file. Then, load the message message into a Message object by calling the LoadMIM method. y\You can then send it out using the Send method.
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Q2100010: Is ActiveXperts Email Component compliant with any SMTP mail server?
ActiveXperts Email Component is RFC 821, RFC 822, RFC 1521 and RFC 1522 compliant. As a result, ActiveXperts Email Component is compliant with virtually any SMTP server. ActiveXperts Email Component complies with secure mailservers (TLS/SSL) such as MS Exchange, Gmail ( and Windows Live (
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Q2100025: Does ActiveXperts Email Component support secure SMTP (SSL)?
ActiveXperts Email Component complies with secure mailservers (TLS/SSL) such as MS Exchange, Gmail ( and Windows Live ( Yes, secure mailservers such as are supported. You should switch to secure mode through the SetSecure method.
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Q2100070: Do I need to call 'Clear' every time I send an e-mail?
If you send more than one e-mail with the same instance of the Message class, it is strongly recommended to call the Clear method before you re-use the object. For instance, without calling 'Clear', a call to 'AddTo' will add a new recipient to the existing list of recipients. Most likely, you want this list to be cleared first.
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Q2100015: Does ActiveXperts Email Component require IIS for its SMTP functionality?
No, that's not required. ActiveXperts Email Component uses native SMTP as specified by RFC 821, RFC 822, RFC 1521 and RFC 1522..
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Q2100090: How can I modify the linewrap after 76 characters in my outgoing e-mail messages?
The linewrap after 76 characters is defined in the RFC SMTP specifications. However, if you want to change the position of the line wrap, you need to create a new value in the registry called 'MaxLine'. The type of this value should be DWORD, and the data should hold the new maximum number of characters. The registry value should be created in the following registry hyve: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ActiveXperts\Email Component
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Q2100020: My SMTP server requires authentication. Why is it?
SMTP Authentication can add another layer of security to send mail, and has the benefit of giving mobile users who switch hosts the ability to use the same mail server without the need to reconfigure their mail client settings each time. Most modern SMTP implementations support SMTP Authentication. Click here for more information about SMTP Authentication.
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Q2100060: I can't get BCC (blind carbon copy) to work. When I try, I don't receive the BCC message.
You have to be careful with testing the BCC feature, because many e-mail clients (including Microsoft Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird) do not show BCC messages in some scenario's. For instance: when you have your mail client configured with two accounts (let's say and, and you use ActiveXperts Email Component (or any other SMTP client) to send an e-mail to both accounts, your mail client will - after receive - show only ONE email. However, if ...
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Q2100101: Can I export an e-mail message from Mozilla Thunderbird and send it using ActiveXperts Email Component?
Yes, that is possible. It works similar as with MS Outlook Express. See KB 2100100.
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Q2100045: I'm using my gmail account to send out e-mail messages over SMTP. I'm sure my credentials are correct, but still I get Error #37411: "Authorization failed". What's wrong?
You must allow ActiveXperts to access your google account using SMTP authentication. Click here for more information
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Q2100110: Does ActiveXperts Email Component contain any cryptographic code that might add export restrictions to a product that makes use of the component?
ActiveXperts Email Component uses file 'Schannel.dll' of the operating system for secure SMTP- and POP3 communications. The DLL is part of all major Windows operating systems; it is not included in the ActiveXperts Email Component installation package. For details, please check the following URL:
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