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Q6920010: I'm monitoring my IIS Application Pools using ActiveXperts, but on one server I receive the error "WMI Error 0x8004100E: The specified namespace did not exist on the server.". What's wrong?
Network Monitor > Monitoring IIS Application Pools

Q7720040: Does ActiveXperts suffer from the Log4j vulnerability?
Network Monitor > Logging

Q7860020: We receive a message saying "You must upgrade to ActiveXperts Network Monitor v.2022 to fix a potential JavaScript related security vulnerability". What should we do?
Network Monitor > Errors

Q7250065: We receive the following error when executing a Windows check: "Please raise the activation authentication level at least to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY in client application."
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI

Q7250060: We've raised the authentication level to require RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY on all of our Windows servers. Is ActiveXperts able to handle it?
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI

Q6500005: I want to upgrade to the latest version. What is the procedure for upgrading?
Network Monitor > Installation

Q6500003: How do I know what's new in the latest version of the ActiveXperts Network Monitor?
Network Monitor > Installation

Q7900035: If I buy a license, do I need to pay for future releases?
Network Monitor > Licensing, Purchasing, Product Activation and Support

Q7900030: I want to purchase ActiveXperts Network Monitor. Do I need to purchase any commercial ActiveXperts components to cover all functionality?
Network Monitor > Licensing, Purchasing, Product Activation and Support

Q7250010: For one of my Windows servers, I get the error: "Unable to connect to [myserver]; WMI Error 0x800706BA: The RPC server is unavailable"
Network Monitor > Monitoring Windows / WMI