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Q6000005: I want to upgrade to the latest version. What is the procedure for upgrading?

With ActiveXperts, you can always import a configuration created by a previous version. That means: all checks, global settings, statistical database and custom scripts.

To upgrade, do the following:

  1. Backup your current configuration. Use the Backup command from the File menu to do so, and store it on a save place
  2. Uninstall all 'ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor Manager' applications on the remote PCs that have the Manager application installed. Use the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet in the Control Panel of the remote PC(s) to start the Uninstallation process
  3. Uninstall 'ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor' on the monitoring server using the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet in the Control Panel of the server
  4. Reboot the system!
  5. Download the latest version of ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor and start the installation;
  6. Restore the configuration that was saved in step 1). It allows you to import the configuration file (CONFIG.SDF) and the statistical database
  7. Restore custom scripts (if any). If you use custom scripts (.vbs, .ps1 or .sh), copy the files manually to the scripts directory '\Scripts'
  8. Restore custom webview templates (if any). If you use custom webviews templates (.xsl), copy the files manually to directory '\Web\stylesheets\'

If you install Environmental Monitor in the same directory as the previous Environmental Monitor version, the configuration is automatically converted. Otherwise, you need to import the previous configuration.
To (re)install the manager application on remote PC(s), you must (re)create the share in the Remote Manager tab of the 'Remote Management' dialog (Tools menu).

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