On 1/1/2020, Auron Software B.V. acquired ActiveXperts E-mail Component and will continue developing, selling and supporting the product under it's own brand name Auron Email Component. Maintenance contracts will be continued directly by Auron Software as of 1/1/2020.

ActiveXperts E-mail Component

ActiveXperts Email Component provides an easy-to-use programming interface to SMTP, IMAP and POP3 email communications. It's perfectly suited for situations in which e-mails need to be sent/received automatically, in batches, from custom applications, webservers, or from the command-line.

How to use the Component
How to use the Component
Visual Studio .NET project
Visual Studio.NET project
Console Application
Console Application
Web Application
Web Application

ActiveXperts Email Component features the following:

ActiveXperts Email Component includes samples for many development tools, including:

Visual Basic .NET - Visual C# .NET - ASP .NET VB - ASP .NET CSharp - Visual C++ - Visual Basic 6 - ASP 2.x - PHP - HTML - VBScript -

Code Snippet

This code snippet illustrates how to use ActiveXperts Email Component to send out a simple email using SMTP. Find more samples in the trial download and in the manual.

Set objSmtpServer = CreateObject("AxEmail.Smtp")       ' Create SMTP object
Set objSmtpMail = CreateObject("AxEmail.Message")      ' Create message object 

objSmtpServer.Connect( "smtp.mydomain.com" )  
Wscript.Echo "Connect, result: " & objSmtpServer.LastError

' Set mail properties
objSmtpMail.FromAddress = "sender@mydomain.com"        ' Sender's e-mail address
objSmtpMail.FromName = "Email Component Demo"          ' Sender's displayname
objSmtpMail.Subject = "Email Component Message"        ' Subject
objSmtpMail.BodyPlainText = "Hello, world"             ' Body
objSmtpMail.AddTo "recipient1@myrecipients.com", "Recipient 1"    ' Add a recipient
objSmtpServer.Send( objSmtpMail )                      ' Send now 
WScript.Echo "Send, result: " & objSmtpServer.LastError
WScript.Echo "Last response: " & objSmtpServer.LastSmtpResponse 
objSmtpServer.Disconnect                               ' SMTP disconnect

Supported Operating Systems

ActiveXperts Email Component is offered as a 32-bit (AxEmail32.dll) and 64-bit (AxEmail64.dll) ActiveX component, and runs on the following Operating Systems:


The core of ActiveXperts Email Component is a ActiveX/COM DLL component is available as a 64-bit DLL and a 32-bit DLL.

Distribution is easy: copy the DLL(s) to the target platform and register the self-registering DLL using the REGSVR32.EXE Windows command. Click here for more information.


There are three different licenses for the ActiveXperts Email Component: Standard License, Professional License and Distribution License:

Click here for detailed information about the License Schemes.

More information

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