ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server


Create an SMS message using the SMS Messaging Server API - ASP .NET C#

SMS Messaging Server is an SMS messaging framework that enables companies to send, receive and process SMS- and e-mail messages. The framework is designed support virtually any scenario where low-and high volume SMS messaging is required. Use SMS Messaging Server in the following scenarios:

  • Mobile users query a database; results are sent back via SMS or e-mail;
  • Mobile users receive important information via SMS or e-mail while they are away from the office;
  • Stock prices are sent automatically via SMS and/or e-mail, daily;
  • Remote workers can update their worksheet from a remote location trough SMS;
  • ICT administrators restart/reboot servers and/or daemons from remote by SMS;
  • Setup an SMS voting system, supporting SMS and/or e-mail;
  • Etc.

SMS Messaging Server can be well integrated into VBScript environments. This document describes how the SMS Messaging Server can be integrated into your own projects.


In this example we are going to create an ASP.NET (C#) sample page to create an SMS message using the ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server API. The SMS Messaging Server service will send the message that you created in the database.


You must install and configure Internet Information Services (IIS) before using SMS Messaging Server with ASP .NET. If you don't have IIS installed, use the following steps:

  • From the Control Panel, click 'Add/Remove Programs'. Select the 'Add/Remove Windows Components' icon from the left pane, then select 'Application Server' and click on 'Details'. You can now select both 'ASP .NET' and 'Internet Information Services (IIS)'. Click 'OK' to continue installation;
  • Make sure that ASP .NET is allowed on the web server:

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Step 1: Download and install SMS Messaging Server

Download ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server from the ActiveXperts Download Site and start the installation. The installation guides you through the installation process.

Step 2: Create a new ASP .NET C# Project

Launch Microsoft Visual Studio from the Start menu. Choose 'New' from the 'File' menu and click on 'Web Site'. In the 'Web Site' dialog, select ASP .NET Web Site. Select a name for the application and a name for the solution. Also, select the directory where you want to store the project:

ASP dotNET Visual Csharp

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Step 3: Refer to the SMS Messaging Server Library and create the objects

Now that a new project has been created, you must add a reference to the SMS Messaging Server API in the project in order to use the the SMS Messaging Server API objects. To do so, choose 'Add Reference...' from the 'Project' menu. In the 'Add Reference' dialog that pops up, select the 'COM' tab and select the 'ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server Type Library' as shown in the following picture:


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Click 'OK' to close the 'Add Reference' dialog.

On top of your code, type the following line to use the SMS Messaging Server API namespace:

using AXMMCFGLib;

In your Main function, declare and create the following objects:

// Create COM objects XConstants objConstants = new XConstants(); XMessageDB objMessageDB = new XMessageDB();

You should not create an instance of a Message yourself; it is returned by functions like Create, FindFirstMessage, FindNextMessage and Load.

Step 4: Create an SMS message

The following code will create a new SMS message in the database. The SMS Messaging Server service will then send this message:

// Create a new message XMessage objMessage = (XMessage)objMessageDB.Create(); if (objMessageDB.LastError != 0) { string ErrorDes = objMessageDB.GetErrorDescription(objMessageDB.LastError); objMessageDB.Close(); objMessageDB = null; objConstants = null; Response.Clear(); Response.Write(ErrorDes); return; }

Save the SMS message

Save the SMS message to the database. The SMS Messaging Server API will send the message.

// Save the message to the message database. This way the Messaging server will // pick it up and try to send it. object obj = (object)objMessage; objMessageDB.Save(ref obj);

You can download the full source code of this project from the ActiveXperts FTP site: There are many other working samples included with the product or on the FTP site.

NOTE: Demo Projects are created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

The SMS Messaging Server project ships with a set of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET samples. The projects are created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Users with a later version of Microsoft Visual Studio can open such a project. The Visual Studio Conversion Wizard will guide you through the process of converting the project to the version used.