ActiveXperts Demo Gateway

The ActiveXperts Demonstration Gateway is a free SMS Gateway (SMPP 3.4) that is offered to our trial users to try out the SMS Messaging Server application.

This gateway is the default option when configuring an SMPP channel in the SMS Messaging Server and it allows our trial users to send and receive a number of free SMS Messages to and from their own mobile number.


The following features are supported by the ActiveXperts Demo Gateway:

Connection properties

Use the following settings to connect to the ActiveXperts Demonstration gateway:

Port:           2775
SystemId:       Generated by the SMS Messaging Server
Password:       Generated by the SMS Messaging Server
Keep alive:     30 seconds
Address range:  S+<Your phone number>
TON:            International Number
NPI:            ISDN/Telephone


If you experience any problems while connecting the ActiveXperts Demo Gateway please contact us at Please attach a log file.

Supported commands

The following SMPP commands are supported by the ActiveXperts Demo Gateway. Command that are not supported are replied to with a 'GENERIC_NACK'.

Message States

To receive these message status either use QUERY_SM (not supported by the SMS Messaging Server) or request a delivery report.

Terms of use

The ActiveXperts Demo Gateway is intended to be used for demonstration purposes only. There are no guarantees whatsoever regarding availability or reliability. Please do not use this gateway for commercial purposes.