Sports Notification Service
Date added: March 27, 2012



1. Background

Pembroke Sports Events Ltd. is based in Cairo, Egypt. This company is specialized in notification services, like weather services, traffic alert services and more. Notifications are sent via e-mail. The company wants to expand their business in the area of live sports notifications. They want to use SMS instead of e-mail to alert people when there's a sport results update.

2. Problem Statement

Pembroke Sports Events Ltd. is a new commercial player in the sports notifications area. They are not familiar with retrieval of live sports data yet.
The company is also new in the SMS notifications area. The company is looking for a system that can retrieve live sports data from an external service and send alerts to subscribed customers via SMS.

3. Goals of the new System

The goal of the new system is to extend the existing notification system in 2 areas:

4. ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server Solution

The project consists of 4 parts:

SpoCoSy means: 'Sports Content System'. The goal of the SpoCoSy system is to offer sports data in a well structured, standard way, so it can be used by various automated systems. SpoCoSy's web service posts XML data when a sports game change occurs.

ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server is a messaging framework to send, receive and process SMS and e-mail messages. You can create a custom SMS project/application easily with just a few clicks. Source code (C# or VBScript) is generated for you. It is an open system, with a full-featured API provided. It supports SMP, HTTP and GSM modems based SMS communications, and supports MySQL and MS SQL databases.

To be able to create a web page that receives these XML updates from Spocosy, we needed to use one of the examples Spocosy delivered. For more information, click here.

Data received from Spocosy are stored in the MySQL database. This info is pushed from Spocosy to the webserver.

Finally we created a C# application that brings everything together. The C# application checks if there are any new notifications (e.g. Sports) that are needed to be send to the users and inserts new rows into the ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server message database.

The ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server picks up these new records and start sending out SMS messages for each new record.


Figure 1