On 1/1/2020, Auron Software B.V. acquired ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server and will continue developing, selling and supporting the product under it's own brand name Auron SMS Server. Maintenance contracts will be continued directly by Auron Software as of 1/1/2020.

ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server - Case Studies

On this page, you find a few project descriptions of our customers. It gives you an idea about how ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server can be used in various scenario's. Feel free to contact ActiveXperts to assist with your project.

Topic Project Description
Commercial -
Vienna Sanitation, a toilet exploitation company, registers and processes daily turn over using the SMS Messaging Server. At the end of the day, cleaners send a text message including the amount of money collected. More »
Commercial -
Scratch cart transaction system, where customers can deposit money on the PhixionFinancial bank by buying scratch cards and texting the number on this card to the bank. More »
Commercial -
SMS Waiter at the Green Bar, San José, Costa Rica. Order drinks at this bar through SMS while sitting outside. More »
ICT companies use SMS Messaging Server to keep track of the temperature/humidity/airflow in their server room. The ICT staff can send a query text message to the number to system. In return, the value is replied. More »
ICT companies use SMS Messaging Server to remote control their windows servers. The system administrators are able to send short text messages to the system with commands to be executed, like restarting a service or rebooting a machine. More »
Notification -
Forward e-mail
E-mail to SMS was implemented for the ICT department of a large company in Italy. Their network monitoring application alerts through SMTP to a mailbox. SMS Messaging Serbver formward those to SMS, based on rules. More »
Notification -
St. Joseph College notifies students through SMS and e-mail for cancelled lessons, special events, etc. Student mobile numbers are retrieved from Active Directory by the SMS Messaging Server; messages are scheduled through a custom web application. More »
Sports -
Ice Hockey
Odense Bulldogs - a Danish professional ice hockey club, now uses SMS Messaging Server to notify officials, referees and players. The system can send out SMS messages upon new match announcements, match details changes or match cancellations. More »
Sports -
Health Center Reservation
Action Studio, a health and fitness club, uses SMS Messaging server to register and handle their squash court reservations. Members of the club can send an SMS message to the Action Studio reservation system and make, modify or cancel a reservation. More »
Sports -
Notification Service
Pembroke Sports Events Ltd. (Egypt) uses a live sports notification system through SMS. ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server connects to the Spocosy XML Push Service to retrieve live sports results. This data is stored in a MySQL database and is used to send out results to the subscribers. More »
Tracking -
GPS, Google Maps
Track and trace fleet management system. SMS Messaging Server receives coordinates from trucks through SMS, and plots the data on a Google Maps aware web application. Company representatives can logon to a portal where they can see the locations of all trucks. More »
Trivia - Music Music Trivia quiz. This SMS game was created for a famous radio station, Listeners get three questions in a row. After an answer, they get the next question. After the final question, the score is replied. More »
Trivia -
World Cup Soccer
This World Cup Soccer trivia game was designed for a television broadcasting company, using SMS Messaging Server. During the World Cup Soccer 2010 games, this game was used in various Spanish-speaking countries over the world. More »
Voting -
HotRadio, a radio broadcasting station, offers two SMS services for their audience: the We Play Your Music program and the Play and Win radio item. Customers can vote for a song, or join a trivia game. Both programs are handled by a single SMS Messaging Server system. More »
Query -
Send an SMS with a city name to the SMS Messaging Server and you will receive a SMS back with the current degrees Celsius from the given city. More »

Special Projects

Topic Project Description
Aid -
Earthquake Haiti
SMS based emergency response system that was erected shortly after the earthquake disaster in Haïti. ActiveXperts setup an SMS-based system within 24 hours to register people through SMS short-code 200. More »
Aid -
Comprehensive support system for HIV positive patients using SMS technology. Used by Princess Marina IDCC clinic, Botswana. The system sends out text messages to patients to remind them to take their individual daily pills, refill their prescriptions and attend their doctor appointments. More »
Aid -
SMS Messaging Server sends out text messages to patients to remind them to refill their prescriptions and attend their doctor appointments. This was done by Hospital Abuja and NAFDAC, Nigeria. More »
Elections -
System was designed by Votident in cooperation with ActiveXperts. The system helps Haitians finding a voting location nearest to them. Before and during the elections, Haitians could send an SMS to a shortcode number wich contains their passport ID, an the address was given in the reply. More »
Elections -
IFES is the world premiere election assistance organization. ActiveXperts developed a system in cooperation with IFES, based on SMS Messaging Server. The system collects all votes from all polling stations, checks the information for inconsistencies and error, store it in a centralize database system and generate reports. More »