SNPP Pager Service Providers

There are many Paging service providers offering pager services today. We have a list of ActiveXperts compliant providers. We try to update this list regularly; however, we cannot guarantee that all of the service providers mentioned below are working fine.

If there's a service provider that's not working well, we appreciate your comments. Also, if there's a service provider missing that could be valuable for others, please let us know.

We try to keep this list up-to-date, so please send your comments to

Country Provider Server Port
United States Advanced Paging & Wireless 444
  Airtouch Paging 444
  AllCom 444
  Alltel 444
  Amercan Messaging 444
  Ameritech 444
  Bell Mobility 444
  Communications Specialist 444
  Connection Software / 444
  Contact Paging 444
  Cook Paging 444
  GCS Paging 444
  GrayLink 444
  Highland Paging, Inc. 444
  Illinois Signal Communications 444
  Indiana Paging Network 444
  Lauttamus Communications 444
  Mobilcom 444
  Nextel 444
  Nextel 2 Way 444
  Northeast Paging 444
  Northeast Paging / UCOM 444
  Omni-com Paging 444
  Page One Inc 444
  PageMart Canada 444
  PageOne NorthWest 444
  Priority Communications 444
  RCS Communications 444
  SBC 444
  SBC Paging 444
  Skytel 444
  ST Paging 444
  Telebeep 444
  Tele-Trak 444
  UCOM 444
  Verizon Pagers 444