On 1/1/2020, Auron Software B.V. acquired ActiveXperts SMS Component and will continue developing, selling and supporting the product under it's own brand name Auron SMS Component. Maintenance contracts will be continued directly by Auron Software as of 1/1/2020.

Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol Specification v3.4

NOTE (1): ActiveXperts SMS Component provides developers with a fast and reliable SMPP API. Simply connect to the SMPP provider, bind using your credentials and call SubmitSms to send out the messages. Read more »

NOTE (2): ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server is an SMS messaging framework to allow sending, receiving and processing SMS messages. It is designed to implement any project that requires SMS messaging. Read more »

Table of Content

6. Network Implementation

6.1 Network Error Codes

The SMPP PDU, query_sm_resp contains an "error_code" field. The range of values this field may have, depends entirely on the underlying telecommunications network.

6.2 Maximum Message Length

Each network variation is limited to some fixed maximum length. This may be further affected by data coding scheme.

The SMSC, depending on configuration, may reject or truncate messages that exceed the network allowed maximum.