SMS Component - Snpp object


Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) is a standard for sending one- and two-way wireless messages to pagers. In its simplest form, SNPP provides a simple way to make a link between the Internet and a Telocator Alphanumeric input Protocol (TAP) paging terminal.

The SNPP object features the following:

The Dialup object is part of the ActiveXperts SMS Component. Overview of all SMS Component objects:

Sample code

VBScript sample: Send a Pager message via SNPP

Option Explicit

' Declare objects
Dim objSnpp, objMessage

' Create objects
Set objSnpp                   = CreateObject ( "AxSms.Snpp" )
Set objMessage                = CreateObject ( "AxSms.Message" )

' Set Server
objSnpp.Server                = ""
objSnpp.ServerPort            = 444
objSnpp.ServerTimeout         = 2500

objMessage.Recipient          = "12345678"
objMessage.Data               = "Hello World!"

' Send the message
WScript.Echo "Sending the message..."
objSnpp.Send ( objMessage )
WScript.Echo "Send, result: " & objSnpp.LastError
If ( objSnpp.LastError = 0 ) Then
  WScript.Echo "Last response: " & objSnpp.ProviderResponse
End If

WScript.Echo "Ready."
Wscript.Sleep 3000

More samples

Samples are available for: C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C/C++, VBA, ASP, ASP .NET, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, ColdFusion, Delphi and more.

On, you can find many SMS Component samples. Samples are also part of the SMS Component installation.