SMS Component - Dialup object


The Dialup object enables you to send SMS messaging using a Hayes compatible modem at 1200bps or higher. The Dialup object supports both TAP/XIO as well as UCP based providers. Receiving messages is not supported.

Only single-part, plain text messages are supported using the Dialup object. To use multipart Unicode or Binary messages please use either the GSM, HTTP or SMPP objects.

The Dialup object features the following:

The Dialup object is part of the ActiveXperts SMS Component. Overview of all SMS Component objects:

Sample code

VBScript sample: Send a simple SMS message via HTTP using a Template

Option Explicit

' Declare objects
Dim objDialup , objMessage, objSmsConstants

' Create Objects
Set objDialup                 = CreateObject ( "AxSms.Http" )
Set objMessage                = CreateObject ( "AxSms.Message" )
Set objSmsConstants           = CreateObject ( "AxSms.Constants" )

' Configure dialup
objDialup.Device              = "COM2"
objDialup.ProviderType        = objConstants.DIALUP_PROVIDERTYPE_UCP
objDialup.ProviderDialString  = "0653141410"

' SMS Message Properties
objMessage.ToAddress          = "+31612345678"
objMessage.Body               = "Hello, world!"

WScript.Echo objDialup.Send( objMessage )
WScript.Echo "Send, result: " & objDialup.LastError
WScript.Echo "ProviderResponse: " & objDialup.ProviderResponse

WScript.Echo "Ready"

More samples

Samples are available for: C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C/C++, VBA, ASP, ASP .NET, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, ColdFusion, Delphi and more.

On, you can find many SMS Component samples. Samples are also part of the SMS Component installation.