GSM Equipment Error Codes and Network Error Codes

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To show these errors on your GSM device, instead of the standard "ERROR" response, send the following commands to the GSM device:


CME ERROR's (GSM Equipment related codes)

 Error  Description
CME ERROR: 0 Description: Phone failure
CME ERROR: 1 Description: No connection to phone
CME ERROR: 2 Description: Phone adapter link reserved
CME ERROR: 3 Description: Operation not allowed
CME ERROR: 4 Description: Operation not supported
CME ERROR: 5 Description: PH_SIM PIN required
CME ERROR: 6 Description: PH_FSIM PIN required
CME ERROR: 7 Description: PH_FSIM PUK required
CME ERROR: 10 Description: SIM not inserted
CME ERROR: 11 Description: SIM PIN required
CME ERROR: 12 Description: SIM PUK required
CME ERROR: 13 Description: SIM failure
CME ERROR: 14 Description: SIM busy
CME ERROR: 15 Description: SIM wrong
CME ERROR: 16 Description: Incorrect password
CME ERROR: 17 Description: SIM PIN2 required
CME ERROR: 18 Description: SIM PUK2 required
CME ERROR: 20 Description: Memory full
CME ERROR: 21 Description: Invalid index
CME ERROR: 22 Description: Not found
CME ERROR: 23 Description: Memory failure
CME ERROR: 24 Description: Text string too long
CME ERROR: 25 Description: Invalid characters in text string
CME ERROR: 26 Description: Dial string too long
CME ERROR: 27 Description: Invalid characters in dial string
CME ERROR: 30 Description: No network service
CME ERROR: 31 Description: Network timeout
CME ERROR: 32 Description: Network not allowed, emergency calls only
CME ERROR: 40 Description: Network personalization PIN required
CME ERROR: 41 Description: Network personalization PUK required
CME ERROR: 42 Description: Network subset personalization PIN required
CME ERROR: 43 Description: Network subset personalization PUK required
CME ERROR: 44 Description: Service provider personalization PIN required
CME ERROR: 45 Description: Service provider personalization PUK required
CME ERROR: 46 Description: Corporate personalization PIN required
CME ERROR: 47 Description: Corporate personalization PUK required
CME ERROR: 48 Description: PH-SIM PUK required
CME ERROR: 100 Description: Unknown error
CME ERROR: 103 Description: Illegal MS
CME ERROR: 106 Description: Illegal ME
CME ERROR: 107 Description: GPRS services not allowed
CME ERROR: 111 Description: PLMN not allowed
CME ERROR: 112 Description: Location area not allowed
CME ERROR: 113 Description: Roaming not allowed in this location area
CME ERROR: 126 Description: Operation temporary not allowed
CME ERROR: 132 Description: Service operation not supported
CME ERROR: 133 Description: Requested service option not subscribed
CME ERROR: 134 Description: Service option temporary out of order
CME ERROR: 148 Description: Unspecified GPRS error
CME ERROR: 149 Description: PDP authentication failure
CME ERROR: 150 Description: Invalid mobile class
CME ERROR: 256 Description: Operation temporarily not allowed
CME ERROR: 257 Description: Call barred
CME ERROR: 258 Description: Phone is busy
CME ERROR: 259 Description: User abort
CME ERROR: 260 Description: Invalid dial string
CME ERROR: 261 Description: SS not executed
CME ERROR: 262 Description: SIM Blocked
CME ERROR: 263 Description: Invalid block
CME ERROR: 772 Description: SIM powered down

CMS ERROR's (GSM Network related codes)

 Error  Description
CMS ERROR: 1 Unassigned number
CMS ERROR: 8 Operator determined barring
CMS ERROR: 10 Call bared
CMS ERROR: 21 Short message transfer rejected
CMS ERROR: 27 Destination out of service
CMS ERROR: 28 Unindentified subscriber
CMS ERROR: 29 Facility rejected
CMS ERROR: 30 Unknown subscriber
CMS ERROR: 38 Network out of order
CMS ERROR: 41 Temporary failure
CMS ERROR: 42 Congestion
CMS ERROR: 47 Recources unavailable
CMS ERROR: 50 Requested facility not subscribed
CMS ERROR: 69 Requested facility not implemented
CMS ERROR: 81 Invalid short message transfer reference value
CMS ERROR: 95 Invalid message unspecified
CMS ERROR: 96 Invalid mandatory information
CMS ERROR: 97 Message type non existent or not implemented
CMS ERROR: 98 Message not compatible with short message protocol
CMS ERROR: 99 Information element non-existent or not implemente
CMS ERROR: 111 Protocol error, unspecified
CMS ERROR: 127 Internetworking , unspecified
CMS ERROR: 128 Telematic internetworking not supported
CMS ERROR: 129 Short message type 0 not supported
CMS ERROR: 130 Cannot replace short message
CMS ERROR: 143 Unspecified TP-PID error
CMS ERROR: 144 Data code scheme not supported
CMS ERROR: 145 Message class not supported
CMS ERROR: 159 Unspecified TP-DCS error
CMS ERROR: 160 Command cannot be actioned
CMS ERROR: 161 Command unsupported
CMS ERROR: 175 Unspecified TP-Command error
CMS ERROR: 176 TPDU not supported
CMS ERROR: 192 SC busy
CMS ERROR: 193 No SC subscription
CMS ERROR: 194 SC System failure
CMS ERROR: 195 Invalid SME address
CMS ERROR: 196 Destination SME barred
CMS ERROR: 197 SM Rejected-Duplicate SM
CMS ERROR: 198 TP-VPF not supported
CMS ERROR: 199 TP-VP not supported
CMS ERROR: 208 D0 SIM SMS Storage full
CMS ERROR: 209 No SMS Storage capability in SIM
CMS ERROR: 210 Error in MS
CMS ERROR: 211 Memory capacity exceeded
CMS ERROR: 212 Sim application toolkit busy
CMS ERROR: 213 SIM data download error
CMS ERROR: 255 Unspecified error cause
CMS ERROR: 300 ME Failure
CMS ERROR: 301 SMS service of ME reserved
CMS ERROR: 302 Operation not allowed
CMS ERROR: 303 Operation not supported
CMS ERROR: 304 Invalid PDU mode parameter
CMS ERROR: 305 Invalid Text mode parameter
CMS ERROR: 310 SIM not inserted
CMS ERROR: 311 SIM PIN required
CMS ERROR: 312 PH-SIM PIN required
CMS ERROR: 313 SIM failure
CMS ERROR: 314 SIM busy
CMS ERROR: 315 SIM wrong
CMS ERROR: 316 SIM PUK required
CMS ERROR: 317 SIM PIN2 required
CMS ERROR: 318 SIM PUK2 required
CMS ERROR: 320 Memory failure
CMS ERROR: 321 Invalid memory index
CMS ERROR: 322 Memory full
CMS ERROR: 330 SMSC address unknown
CMS ERROR: 331 No network service
CMS ERROR: 332 Network timeout
CMS ERROR: 340 No +CNMA expected
CMS ERROR: 500 Unknown error
CMS ERROR: 512 User abort
CMS ERROR: 513 Unable to store
CMS ERROR: 514 Invalid Status
CMS ERROR: 515 Device busy or Invalid Character in string
CMS ERROR: 516 Invalid length
CMS ERROR: 517 Invalid character in PDU
CMS ERROR: 518 Invalid parameter
CMS ERROR: 519 Invalid length or character
CMS ERROR: 520 Invalid character in text
CMS ERROR: 521 Timer expired
CMS ERROR: 522 Operation temporary not allowed
CMS ERROR: 532 SIM not ready
CMS ERROR: 534 Cell Broadcast error unknown
CMS ERROR: 535 Protocol stack busy
CMS ERROR: 538 Invalid parameter