Proprietary AT command set

This is a list of AT commands which are proprietary codes and work only on specific modems.

Command Description
AT%A0 Disable auto-reliable fallback characters
AT%A1 through %A127 Selects an ASCII character for auto-reliable fallback
AT%C0 Data Compression: Disable data compression
AT%C1 Data Compression: MNP5
AT%C2 Data Compression: v.42bis
AT%C3 Data Compression: MNP5 and v.42bis
AT%E0 Auto-Retrain: Disable auto-retrain
AT%E1 Auto-Retrain: Enable auto-retrain
AT%E2 Auto-Retrain: Enable auto-fallback/fall-forward
AT%F0 v.23 Mode Select: Disable v.23
AT%F1 v.23 Mode Select: Split speed: 75bps upstream/1200bps downstream
AT%F2 v.23 Mode Select: Split speed: 1200bps upstream/75bps downstream
AT%F3 v.23 Mode Select: Half duplex: 1200bps upstream/1200bps downstream
AT%G0 Auto-Fallback/Fall-Forward: Disabled
AT%G1 Auto-Fallback/Fall-Forward: Enabled
AT%L Line Signal Level Return
AT%Q Line Signal Quality Return
AT%TTn Test Mode
AT\A0 Max Transmit Block Size: 64 characters
AT\A1 Max Transmit Block Size: 128 characters
AT\A2 Max Transmit Block Size: 192 characters
AT\A3 Max Transmit Block Size: 256 characters
AT\Bn Send Break
AT\C0 Auto-Reliable Time Buffer: Data is be discarded
AT\C1 Auto-Reliable Time Buffer: Data is to be buffered
AT\C2 Auto-Reliable Time Buffer: Data is to be discarded
AT\E0 Data Echo: Disabled
AT\E1 Data Echo: Enabled
AT\G0 Flow Control: Disabled
AT\G1 Flow Control: Enabled
AT\J0 Serial Port Operation: Serial port speed remains locked
AT\J1 Serial Port Operation: Serial port speed is to follow the connect speed
AT\K0 Break Type Select
AT\L0 MNP Mode Select: Stream mode
AT\L1 MNP Mode Select: Block mode
AT\N0 Connection Type: Normal mode
AT\N1 Connection Type: Direct mode
AT\N2 Connection Type: MNP reliable mode
AT\N3 Connection Type: Auto-reliable or MNP auto-reliable mode
AT\N4 Connection Type: v.42 reliable mode
AT\N5 Connection Type: v.42 auto-reliable or MNP auto-reliable mode
AT\N6 Connection Type: Reliable mode
AT\N7 Connection Type: Auto-reliable mode
AT\O Connection Type: MNP Reliable Mode Initiation
AT\Q0 Connection Type: Disable flow control
AT\Q1 Connection Type: Bi-directional XON/XOFF
AT\Q2 Connection Type: CTS flow control by DCE
AT\Q3 Connection Type: Bi-directional RTS/CTS
AT\Q4 Connection Type: Unidirectional XON/XOFF by DCE
AT\Q5 Connection Type: CTS forced low for pre-connection, then CTS by DCE control takes over, or unidirectional XON/XOFF by DTE will
AT\Q6 Connection Type: Bi-directional RTS/CTS or RTS by DTE after connection
AT\Tn Inactivity Timer
AT\U MNP Reliable Mode Acceptance
AT\V0 Set Extended Result Codes: Disabled
AT\V1 Set Extended Result Codes: Enabled
AT\W0 v.23 Split Speed Control: Disabled
AT\W1 v.23 Split Speed Control: Enabled
AT\X0 XON/XOFF Pass Through: Not Sent
AT\X1 XON/XOFF Pass Through: Sent
AT\Y Reliable Mode Conversion
AT\Z Normal Mode Activation