ETSI AT command set

Feature Designator
Technical enhancement and improvement: New AT-commands $(AT R97)$
Technical enhancement and improvement: New AT-commands $(AT R98)$
Support of Multiplexer according to GSM 07.10 $(MUX MS-TE)$
Command Description
AT+BINP Bluetooth input
AT+BLDN Bluetooth last dialled number
AT+BRSF Bluetooth retrieve supported
AT+BSIR Bluetooth setting of in-band ring tone indication
AT+BVRA Bluetooth voice recognition activation
AT+CACM Accumulated call meter
AT+CACM (AT R97) Accumulated call meter
AT+CALD Alarm delete
AT+CALM (AT R97) Alert sound mode
AT+CALV Alarm event
AT+CAMM Accumulated call meter maximum
AT+CAMM (AT R97) Accumulated call meter maximum
AT+CAOC Advice of Charge
AT+CAPD Postpone or dismiss an alarm (ver. 2)
AT+CBC Battery charge
AT+CBM Received cell broadcast
AT+CBST Select bearer service type
AT+CCCM Advice of charge call meter notification
AT+CCFC Call forwarding number and conditions
AT+CCUG Closed user group
AT+CCWA Call waiting
AT+CCWE (AT R98) Call Meter maximum event
AT+CDIP Called line identification presentation
AT+CDIS Display control
AT+CDS SMS status report
AT+CEER Extended error report
AT+CFUN Set phone functionality
AT+CGACT PDP context activate or deactivate
AT+CGANS Manual response to a network request for PDP context activation
AT+CGATT GPRS attach or detach
AT+CGAUTO Automatic response to a network request for PDP context activation
AT+CGCLASS GPRS mobile station class
AT+CGCLOSP Configure local Octet Stream PAD parameters
AT+CGCLPAD Configure local triple-X PAD parameters
AT+CGCMOD PDP context modify
AT+CGDATA Enter data state
AT+CGDCONT Define PDP Context
AT+CGDSCONT Define secondary PDP context
AT+CGEQMIN 3G quality of service profile (minimum acceptable)
AT+CGEQNEG 3G quality of service profile (negotiated)
AT+CGEQREQ 3G quality of service profile (requested)
AT+CGEREP GPRS event reporting
AT+CGEV GPRS event reporting
AT+CGMI Request manufacturer identification
AT+CGMM Request model identification
AT+CGMR Request revision identification
AT+CGPADDR Show PDP address
AT+CGQMIN Quality of Service Profile (Minimum acceptable)
AT+CGQREQ Quality of Service Profile (Requested)
AT+CGREG GPRS network registration status
AT+CGSMS Select service for MO SMS messages
AT+CGSN Request product serial number identification
AT+CGTFT Traffic flow template
AT+CHLD Call related supplementary services
AT+CHSC HSCSD current call parameters
AT+CHSD HSCSD device parameters
AT+CHSN HSCSD non-transparent call configuration
AT+CHSR HSCSD parameters report
AT+CHSR (AT R98) HSCSD parameters report
AT+CHST HSCSD transparent call configuration
AT+CHSU HSCSD automatic user initiated upgrading
AT+CHSU (AT R98) HSCSD automatic user initiated upgrading
AT+CHUP Hangup call
AT+CIEV Indicator event
AT+CIMI Request international mobile subscriber identity
AT+CIND Indicator control
AT+CKEV Keypad event
AT+CKPD Keypad control
AT+CLAC List all available AT commands
AT+CLAC (AT R98) List all available AT commands
AT+CLAE (AT R98) Language Event
AT+CLAN Set Language
AT+CLAN (AT R98) Set Language
AT+CLCC List current calls
AT+CLCK Facility lock
AT+CLIP Calling line identification presentation
AT+CLIR Calling line identification restriction
AT+CLVL Loudspeaker volume level
AT+CLVL (AT R97) Loudspeaker volume level
AT+CMAR Master Reset
AT+CMAR (AT R98) Master Reset
AT+CME Mobile equipment error result
AT+CMEC Mobile Equipment control mode
AT+CMEE Report Mobile Equipment error
AT+CMER Mobile Equipment event reporting
AT+CMGC Send command (ver. 1)
AT+CMGD Delete message
AT+CMGF Selecting the Operating Mode
AT+CMGL List Messages
AT+CMGR Read Message
AT+CMGS Send message (ver. 2)
AT+CMGW Write message to memory (ver. 2)
AT+CMMS More messages to send
AT+CMOD Call mode
AT+CMSS Send from storage (ver. 2)
AT+CMT Received message
AT+CMTI New message indication
AT+CMUT Mute control
AT+CMUT (AT R97) Mute control
AT+CMUX Multiplexing mode
AT+CMUX (MUX MS-TE) Multiplexing mode
AT+CNMI New messages indication to TE (ver. 4)
AT+CNUM Subscriber number
AT+COLP Connected line identification presentation
AT+COPN Read operator names
AT+COPN (AT R97) Read operator names
AT+COPS Operator selection
AT+CPAS Phone activity status
AT+CPBF Find phonebook entries
AT+CPBR Read phonebook entries
AT+CPBS Select phonebook memory storage
AT+CPBW Write phonebook entry
AT+CPMS Preferred Message Storage
AT+CPOL Preferred operator list
AT+CPOL (AT R97) Preferred operator list
AT+CPUC (AT R97) Price per unit and currency table
AT+CPWC (AT R98) Power class
AT+CPWD Change password
AT+CR Service reporting control
AT+CRC Cellular result codes
AT+CREG Network registration
AT+CRES Restore settings
AT+CRING Call mode indication
AT+CRLP Radio link protocol
AT+CRMP Ring Melody Playback
AT+CRMP (AT R98) Ring Melody Playback
AT+CRSL Ringer sound level
AT+CRSL (AT R97) Ringer sound level
AT+CRSM Restricted SIM access
AT+CSAS Save settings
AT+CSCA Setting or Reading the Service Center Address / SMSC Address
AT+CSCC Secure control command
AT+CSCS Select TE character set
AT+CSGT (AT R98) Set Greeting Text
AT+CSIL Silence Command
AT+CSIM Generic SIM access
AT+CSMS Select message service (ver.2)
AT+CSNS Single numbering scheme
AT+CSQ Signal quality
AT+CSSI Supplementary service notification
AT+CSSN Supplementary service notifications
AT+CSSU Supplementary service notification
AT+CSTA Select type of address
AT+CSVM (AT R98) Set Voice Mail Number
AT+CTFR Call deflection
AT+CUSD Unstructured supplementary service data
AT+CV120 V.120 rate adaption protocol
AT+CVHU Voice Hangup Control
AT+CVHU (AT R97) Voice Hangup Control
AT+CVIB (AT R97) Vibrator mode
AT+GCAP Request modem capabilities list
AT+GCLIP Graphical caller ID presentation
AT+GMI Request manufacturer information
AT+GMM Request model identification
AT+GMR Request revision identification
AT+ICF Cable interface character format (ver. 2)
AT+IFC Cable interface DTE-DCE local flow control
AT+ILRR Cable interface local rate reporting
AT+IPR Cable interface port rate
AT+NREC Noise reduction and echo cancelling
AT+VGM Gain of microphone
AT+VGS Gain of speaker
AT+VTS DTMF and tone generation
AT+WS46 PCCA STD-101 [17] select wireless network