AT*SEGPSA - Sony Ericsson global positioning system accessory

Informs the ME about the presence of a Global Positioning System (GPS) capable accessory device. The accessory device may be used to provide the location based service engine of a ME without internal GPS with posi- tioning data or to override the data generated from an internal GPS. The accessory sends the command AT*SEGSPA when connected. The ME responds with CONNECT to indicate that the AT channel have changed into a link for GPCCCP/NMEA formatted data, the AT channel goes into transparent mode. Upon reception of the GPSCCP Disconnect message the ME responds with OK and resets the link to normal AT mode.

Use AT command in a programming environment

With ActiveXperts Serial Port Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can integrate AT modem communications in scripts, console applications, GUI form applications, web applications and web services.

With ActiveXperts SMS Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can also integrate AT modem communications in an environment that has many aspects of GSM modem communications implemented in interface functions.