AT*SEAUDIO - Accessory class report


Informs the phone about the general audio class and the unique audio IDof an accessory. If there is a specific audio settings container available forthe unique id, the phone will use that configuration. If not, the configurationfor the general audio class will be used.When the accessory identifies itself acoustically with AT*SEAUDIO thephone will respond with a result code indicating what audio class and whatunique audio ID have been used when configuring audio. If no specificaudio configuration was available for the unique audio ID used by theaccessory this will be indicated by setting =0 in theresult code. If the accessory for some reason does not have audio capabil-ities it will send AT*SEAUDIO=0,0

Execution command


Execution command response


Read command

AT*SEAUDIO? Read current setting

Test command

AT*SEAUDIO=? Test if command is supported and show supported parameters.

Test command response

*SEAUDIO:(range of supported s),(range of supporteds)

Use AT command in a programming environment

With ActiveXperts Serial Port Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can integrate AT modem communications in scripts, console applications, GUI form applications, web applications and web services.

With ActiveXperts SMS Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can also integrate AT modem communications in an environment that has many aspects of GSM modem communications implemented in interface functions.