AT*EIADNSV6W - Internet account configuration, write DNS parameters – IPv6CP

Specifies the DNS IPv6CP parameters of one (or all) Internet accounts. The command is used to specify the IP addresses to be used, both under PPP negotiations as well as under PS network connection establishment (context activation). If "0" values are given, necessary parameters are requested to be generated dynamically by the network to be attached to. If specific values are set, requests for static IP addresses is to be used. Note: Values stored here are not the ones used when doing PS dial-up connection from external application (TE), since TE in this case has its own IP addresses to negotiate with the network (what TE sends is forwarded by the ME PPP proxy to network).

Note: If the user does not specify both parameters and , the command results in an error response. Note: PPP parameters are relevant for all bearer types, but mostly for internal calls. Note: For IPv6 addresses the notation :: can be used, but only once, for example, destination address FFFF:FFFF:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 can be written like FFFF:FFFF::1

Use AT command in a programming environment

With ActiveXperts Serial Port Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can integrate AT modem communications in scripts, console applications, GUI form applications, web applications and web services.

With ActiveXperts SMS Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can also integrate AT modem communications in an environment that has many aspects of GSM modem communications implemented in interface functions.