AT*EIACSW - Internet account configuration, write CSD bearer parameters

Defines the CS bearer parameters of one (or all) CS bearer Internet Account(s). Note: CS bearer Internet accounts can only be used for internal applica- tions to dial out to an ISP providing IP network access, for example, for WAP over CS. Normal CS "modem style?" dial-up networking and plain CS modem connections are done by TE issuing the "legacy" AT commands. The parameters for such calls (RLP parameters, V42bis parameters, HSCSD parameters, and so on) are only stored in volatile memory, if not stored by using &W command. Note: If the user does not specify the <index> parameter, the command results in an error response.

Use AT command in a programming environment

With ActiveXperts Serial Port Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can integrate AT modem communications in scripts, console applications, GUI form applications, web applications and web services.

With ActiveXperts SMS Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can also integrate AT modem communications in an environment that has many aspects of GSM modem communications implemented in interface functions.