AT*EIAC - Internet account, create

Defines the general parameters of an Internet Account (IA).When a new account is defined, it is assigned an index which is subse-quently returned as an informational text response together with bearertype and name of account. When using the IA configuration command, thevalue of the index cannot be forced.The other Internet Account commands cannot be used to create anaccount.The other AT commands have to indicate the index value of an existingaccount in combination with what kind of bearer the parameters are setfor. The exception is the Internet Account configuration commands whereit is implicit what the bearer type is, for example, AT*EIAPSW – write PSbearer parameters. In this case only the index value is necessary.

Note: When a PDP Context is defined via an AT command, an Internet Account is automatically created with Packet Domain Service as thebearer and it gets an index value with a one-to-one mapping to the speci-fied parameter value of the GPRS command. If an IA with that map-ping to CID value already exists, the specific parameters of that IA isoverwritten (also when IA parameters are originally specified for anotherbearer than PS). In the same way a PDP Context with default values isdefined when an IA is created with Packet Domain Service as the bearer,using the AT*EIAC command. The of the PDP context will have aone-to-one mapping to the PS bearer IA index.

Note: If the user does not specify any bearer type, the command results inan error response.

Note: If the user does not specify a name of the account, an autogen-erated name will be added to the account.

Note: The temporary or locked type of accounts are reserved for internalapplication use and is not listed in the read command and is not possibleto create using this command

Use AT command in a programming environment

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