AT*EBCA - Battery and charging algorithm (ver. 4)

Tests the charging algorithm in the phone and turn on/off unsolicited signal result codes ( *EBCA). When turned on the unsolicited result code is given once per second. Voltage, current and capacity are physically limited, that is, they are plat- form dependent. Note: For batteries without internal intelligence, some of the parameters listed below might not be available. In these cases the value ?0? (zero) will be returned. Note: Compared to earlier versions of this command, the name of the parameter has been changed to because there is a new parameter showing the remaining capacity in mAh. This new parameter gets the same name as the old remaining capacity parameter, .

Use AT command in a programming environment

With ActiveXperts Serial Port Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can integrate AT modem communications in scripts, console applications, GUI form applications, web applications and web services.

With ActiveXperts SMS Component (an ActiveXperts product), you can also integrate AT modem communications in an environment that has many aspects of GSM modem communications implemented in interface functions.