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ActiveComport 3.0 is the newest version of the ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit.

The mission of the product is to provide an easy-to-use scripting interface for serial, asynchronous communications through a serial port. ActiveComport can control modems, ISDN modems, USB serial devices and other devices and machines that have a serial interface.


- Binary Data Transfer -

  • Improved support for binary data transfer: data transmission functions ('SendBytes' and 'ReadBytes') now operate at maximum speed.

- Samples -

  • New samples included, including Delphi samples.

- Logging -

  • Enhanced logging capabilities. Logging can also be used for troubleshooting purposes.

- Licensing -

  • Licensing of ActiveComport has changed. There are now 3 different license schemes:
    1. Standard License (#AX003-0010) - Allows you to use all functions, except the high-speed data tranfer functions 'SendBytes' and 'ReadBytes'. With the Standard License, you're only allowed to install the software on one workstation or server;
    2. Professional License (#AX003-0012) - Allows you to use all functions, on any workstation/server in your organization;
    3. Distribution License (#AX003-0020) - Allows you to use all functions; Allows you to rent, lease or distribute an unlimited number of licenses of the software outside your organization bundled with an application.

    For a detailed description of the new licensing scheme, click here.


- Installation -

To learn more about installing the product for the first time, please read our manual. You can download the manual at

- Upgrade from ActiveComport 2.2 -

Upgrade to ActiveComport 3.0 in the following way:

  • Uninstall the ActiveComport 2.2 product. Use the 'Add/Remove Programs' applet in the Control Panel to start the Uninstall procedure;
  • Download the ActiveComport 3.0 Installation file from the ActiveXperts Software web site:;
  • Start the ActiveComport 3.0 Installation. The InstallShield wizard will guide you through the steps of the installation.