Kentix MultiSensor-LAN and ActiveXperts

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Kentix is a manufacturer of professional Smart Building Security products for the physical security of mission-critical IT infrastructures, also helping users to comply with standard regulations like GDPR and ISO27001. KENTIX integrated security solutions includes environmental monitoring, access control, power monitoring and IP video surveillance, completely remote controllable via Kentix360 Cloud and everything from a single source. In comparison with several single systems this saves a great deal of cost and effort.

The use of wireless mesh networks and modern web technology enables fast and easy system integration. KENTIX puts great emphasis on the easy usability of all our products which are exclusively manufactured in Germany according to highest quality standards.


Kentix MultiSensor-LAN Kentix MultiSensor-LAN Port View

Power Adapter

The Kentix MultiSensor-LAN is powered ONLY over ethernet (PoE) and has no external power adapter:

Network Interface

The Kentix MultiSensor-LAN has 1 ethernet port and has NO WiFi capabilities:

Sensor Ports

The Kentix MultiSensor-LAN device has 2 ports: 1 internal port (invisible) and 1 external digital port:

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