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Gemalto Cinterion EHS6 and ActiveXperts


CLICK HERE to request a quote for a 'Gemalto Cinterion modem' and an 'ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor' software license.
With the quote request, also indicate if you want an FTDI USB/Serial Adapter Cable and/or a Digi One TCP/IP-Serial adapter.

The Gemalto Cinterion EHS6 modem is a high quality modem to send/receive SMS messages. It is a 3G five-band HSPA modem, that can be used in all existing GSM networks in Europe, USA and Asia (800, 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz) It also operates on older 2G quad band networks (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). It is a serial port RS232 based modem that can also be used with a USB-Serial adapter, and requires a SIM card in its SIM slot to operate.
ActiveXperts is fully compatible with this Cinterion EHS6 modem.

Gemalto Cinterion EHS6 modem ftdi-uc232r adapter Digi One SP SIM card
Cinterion EHS6 modem FTDI USB/Serial Adapter Cable
(Optional, to connect through USB)
Digi One adapter Cable
(Optional, to connect over Ethernet)
SIM card (put inside modem)
(Not provided by ActiveXperts)

Power Adapter

The Cinterion EHS6 modem is powered by an external power Adapter. PoE (Power over Ethernet) is not supported.

Serial Port

The Cinterion EHS6 modem is equiped with a 9-pins serial RS232 connector. A 9-pins serial cable is included.
If you do not have such port available on your physical computer, but you do have a USB port, you'll need an FTDI Cable.
If you do not have physical ports at all (for instance because you're running the software on a Virtual Machine), you'll need a Digi-One TCP/IP-Serial adapter.

FTDI USB/Serial Adapter Cable (USB Interface)

The Cinterion EHS6 modem does NOT have USB port. If you want to connect the modem to USB, you need the 'FTDI USB/Serial Adapter Cable'.
It comes with drivers for all 32- and 64-bit supported Windows operating systems.

Digi-One TCP/IP-Serial adapter (Network Interface)

For virtual hosting solutions (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix), you may not have exclusive access to your serial- or USB port(s). In this case, you can use a TCP/IP-Serial adapter. ActiveXperts offers the 'Digi One SP'. This adapter is also used in situations where you want to place the modem on a different location, for instance because of electrical interference.