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AVTech Room Alert 12E and ActiveXperts


CLICK HERE to request a quote for a 'AVTech Room Alert 12E' and an 'ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor' software license.
With the quote request, you can specify which Sensors you want. Our Sales team will check to see if the Sensors can be combined.

AVTech Room Alert 12E is designed specifically to assist with monitoring computer room temperature, humidity, main & active power and much more depending on the sensors you choose to add.
The Room Alert 12E has one internal temperature sensor and nine external ports: three external digital ports, four external switch ports and two external analog ports.

AVTech RA12E AVTech RA12E Front AVTech RA12E Back
AVTech RA12E Device AVTech RA12E Front View AVTech RA12E Back View

Power Adapter

The AVTech Room Alert 12E is powered in one of the following ways:

  • External Power Adapter OR
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Network Interface

The AVTech Room Alert 12E has 1 ethernet port and has NO WiFi capabilities:

  • Ethernet RJ45 Port

Sensor Ports

The AVTech Room Alert 12E device has 10 ports: 1 internal port (invisible), 3 external RJ11 digital ports, 4 external switch ports and 2 external analog ports:

  • 1 Internal Port (not visible) with a Digital Temperature Sensor (always included)

  • 3 External RJ11 Digital Ports to attach 3 of the following digital sensors:
    - Temperature Indoor Sensor (25/50/100 ft) AND/OR
    - Temperature Outdoor Sensor (25/50/100 ft) AND/OR
    - Humidity Sensor (25/50/100 ft) AND/OR
    - Combined Power/Internal-Temperature Sensor (10/25/50/100 ft) AND/OR
    - Flood Sensor (8/24/50/100 ft) AND/OR
    - Fluid Temperature Sensor (25/50/100 ft) AND/OR
    - Current Loop Power Sensor (up to 50 Ampere or up to 250 Ampere)

  • 4 External Switch Ports to connect 4 of the following switch sensors:
    - Room Entry AND/OR
    - Airflow AND/OR
    - Motion AND/OR
    - Water Tank Level AND/OR
    - Fuel Tank Level AND/OR
    - Smoke Sensor AND/OR
    - Room Entry Sensor

  • 2 External Analog Ports to connect 2 of the following analog sensors:
    - Voltage (0-5V) AND/OR
    - Relay

    NOTE: All analog and switch sensors are connected by 2 copper cables and can be easily extended yourself.


The price for an AVTech Room Alert 12E device is: USD 595.00

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