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ActiveXperts SMS Component


ActiveXperts Mobile Messaging Toolkit build available
Release: January 06 2012

ActiveXperts Mobile Messaging Toolkit build is now available. The build has the following improvements and fixes:

  • The 'ActiveXperts.Smpp' now supports for DATA_SM packages next to SUBMIT_SM and DELIVER_SM packages.
  • The 'ActiveXperts.SmsMessage' object now supports the use of application port in its 'ToAddress' field. An example of the use of application ports is the WAP Push message. A WAP Push message is a binary message which will push an URL to the MT. A WAP Push message will always be sent to application port 2948 where the Push application can pick-up the message and present it to the user.

How to upgrade Mobile Messaging Toolkit

There are two ways to upgrade to the latest build:

  • Uninstall ActiveXperts Mobile Messaging Toolkit using the Control Panel ('Add/Remove Software'). After the uninstall has completed, download the installation package from our web site ( and re-install.
  • Download the component directly from our site: AxMmCtl (32-bit) and/or AxMmCtlX64 (64-bit), and register the component to the system using the REGSVR32.EXE command.