Environmental Monitoring using ActiveXperts Network Monitor

Environmental monitoring equipment is not something new. Manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and hotels have been using the basic technology for decades to monitor industrial processes, freezer temperatures and other factors relevant to their operations.

The Sensatronics devices, supported by ActiveXperts Software, all have a TCP/IP network interface. Simply attach the Sensatronics device to your network, and let ActiveXperts Network Monitor control the device and notify you when there's a value exceeded.

Some of the more common environmental checks include:

ActiveXperts Network Monitor supports the following Sensatronics Environmental devices:

  Sensatronics   Sensatronics   Sensatronics

Monitor temperature, humidity and wetness (water leaks) up to 4 locations.

Monitor temperature, humidity, wetness, smoke, light, motion on various locations.
E16, E8, E4

Monitor temperature up to 16 locations. Model is available with 4, 8 or 16 ports.

Monitor very low temperatures (to -139°F, -95°C) up to 16 temperature locations.
U16, U8, U4

Monitor wide range of temperatures from -139°F (-95°C ) to 572°F (300°C ) up to 16 locations.

Click on one of the above models for more information.

Try a Sensatronics device

You need a Sensatronics monitoring device to monitor temperature, humidity, etc.. ActiveXperts and Sensatronics have a few devices connected to the public internet, so you can give it a try. To try, do the following:

How to configure ActiveXperts Network Monitor to check environment

First of all, make sure that a Sensatronics device is connected to your network (i.e. ethernet hub or switch), or select a demo Sensatronics device. You can use either of the following devices:

Use the ActiveXperts Network Monitor Manager application to create a new check by selecting 'New Monitoring Check' from the 'Tools' menu. In the selection box, select for instance: 'Temperature':


Figure 1: Temperature Configuration Dialog

In the above dialog, select the host name or IP address of a Sensatronics device and press' the 'Retrieve Settings' button. It will read the configuration data from the specified Sensatronics device and list all available probes in the 'Monitor Probe' selection box. Select one the the available probes, and specify a minimum and maximum value, and press the OK button to close the dialog. The ActiveXperts Network Monitor will now check the temperature in a few seconds.


ActiveXperts Network Monitor is ships with an MS Access database with tables for logging temperature data, humidity data and wetness data. By selecting the 'Enable Logging' check box from the configuration dialog, environmental data will be logged automatically to the database. You can also log the data to an MS SQL database, or any other OLE-DB/ADO database. View the online Environmental Data Logging Guidelines to read more about logging and migration to Microsoft SQL Server (or other OLE-DB/ADO compliant database).

Network Monitor + Sensatronics bundle

ActiveXperts Network Monitor and Sensatronics EM1 Monitor device are bundled for a special price. For more information, click here. ActiveXperts also sells other Sensatronics devices, with ActiveXperts Network Monitor included. Please contact the ActiveXperts Sales Team for a quote.