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Monitor AVG Anti-Virus status on your network computers

Monitor Anti-Virus and Internet Security suites

With ActiveXperts Network Monitor, you can monitor most important Anti-Virus and Internet Security suites available today. Simply select 'New Monitoring Check' from the 'Monitor' menu, select the 'Anti-Virus / Internet Security' check and fill in the required parameters.

It checks the AVG Anti-Virus services and processes, and optionally checks the virus definition files to see if version and/or date of the files are OK. The check can easily be extended by the user to monitor additional aspects, e.g. log files, dll versions of the software, number of files in quarantine, etc.

Monitor AVG Anti-Virus

You can configure the AVG Anti-Virus check in the ActiveXperts Network Monitor dialog below, to see if the software is running properly.

ActiveXperts Network Monitor AVG Anti-Virus check

ActiveXperts Network Monitor AVG Anti-Virus check

About AVG Anti-Virus

AVG Anti Virus is available free-of-charge to home users! AVG Anti Virus is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only. AVG Anti Virus is compatible with all major operating systems, including Me/98/2000 and higher.

Ideally, you should prevent computer viruses from intruding into your computer. Today, the most common sources of virus infection include e-mail, virus propagation through shared disks in computer networks, and websites with potentially dangerous content. Other methods of transmission (on floppy or CD ROM disks) no longer occur as frequently as they once did, but cannot be ignored. As to prevention, the most important aspect is to protect your e-mail client! Just as important is use of the AVG Resident Shield (on-access scanner) function that scans your files in the background as you open, run and save them.

There is also the potential risk that a computer virus has been transmitted to your computer prior to AVG Anti-Virus installation, or that you have neglected to keep your AVG Anti-Virus program upto-date with the virus database updates. For this reason, AVG Anti-Virus allows you to check your computer for viruses using one of various available tests. You can use the pre-defined tests, or you can create your own user-defined tests and specify your own special settings. You can launch the tests manually or you can schedule them to run automatically.

AVG Anti-Virus features: