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ActiveXperts Network Monitor Resistance monitoring

AVTech Room Alert devices

ActiveXperts Network Monitor requires an AVTech Room Alert device for all environmental checks.
The AVTech Room Alert device connects directly to your network via an Ethernet hub or switch.

ActiveXperts supports a wide range of AVTech devices, ranging from the compact AVTech Room Alert 3E model to the AVTech Room Alert 12ER 19" Rack Mount model. Sensors include: Temperature (inresistance, outresistance), humidiy, power, flood, room entry, airflow, water tank, fuel tank, smoke, voltage, relay, dust and more.

Click here for a list of all AVTech devices compatible with ActiveXperts Network Monitor »

Resistance Check - ActiveXperts Network Monitor

The ActiveXperts Resistance Check requires the following parameters:

  • Device Model - The AVTech device model (e.g.: 'AVTech Room Alert 3W', 'AVTech Room Alert 12E 12E', ...)
  • IP / Hostname - The host name or IP address of the network interface of the AVTech device; use a port prefix to specify another port that the default port (port 80)
  • Sensor - The preferred sensor. The sensor needs to be connected to the device; this can be either the external digital port (RJ11), or the external switch port (2 coper cables);
  • Minimum - Minimum required value;
  • Maximum - Maximum allowed value.
ActiveXperts Network Monitor Resistance check

ActiveXperts Network Monitor Resistance check