ActiveXperts SNMP Browser - Freeware Utility

ActiveXperts SNMP Browser is a small SNMP freeware utility that allows you use Get, GetNext, Walk and Set operations. Simply go through the SNMP object structure of the (remote) device and see its values. For your convenience, you can load a MIB file and select a friendly object name from the MIB tree to perform the operations.
The MIB file can be a MIB file from any vendor.
ActiveXperts SendSMS uses the ActiveSocket Network Component by ActiveXperts Software.

  Download/Run ActiveXperts SNMP Browser Freeware Utility - single executable, run without installation

How to use ActiveXperts SNMP Browser

First of all, make sure you have the SNMP agent installed on the Windows machine that has the SNMP Browser running. For more info, click here. In order to use the SET operation, make sure that you have READ/WRITE access on the community. For details, click here.