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ActiveXperts VMware Monitor Freeware Tool

ActiveXperts VMware Monitor can monitor VMware ESXi servers to check various performance counters, including CPU, Memory, Network Trafic, Physical Status and more. Checks can be performed on the ESXi host itself, and/or on the Virtual Machines that it is hosting.

ActiveXperts VMware Monitor requires the following parameters:

  • ESXi Host - The IP address or hostname of the VMware ESXi server that you want to check;
  • Username and Password - The Username and Password used to logon to the ESXi server. These credentials need to be defined once for each ESXi host and can be used for other checks defined for this ESXi server;
  • Monitor ESXi Host or Monitor Virtual Machine - Select either the entire ESXi host (running the Virtual Machines) or an individual Virtual Machine;
  • Check Counter - Select what to monitor: CPU Usage (%), Memory Usage (%), Memory Available (MB), Memory Used (MB), Network Packets Received (#), Network Packets Transmitted (#), Network Receiving Rate (Kbps), Disk Usage (%), Disk Space Available (MB), Disk Space Used (MB), Virtual Machine Powered On (y/n), Virtual Machine Running (y/n), Virtual Machine Guest Tools Installed (y/n);
  • Value - Minimum/Maximum value for the above Check Counter.

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