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MsBizTalkServer.vbs - Microsoft BizTalk Server monitoring using ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts Network Monitor ships with a powerful set of pre-defined checks. Each individual check has a static number of configuration items. To monitor other items, or to combine monitoring items, you can make use of custom VBScript checks.

Most of the built-in checks have a VBScript equivalent, implemented as a Function in a VBScript (.vbs) file. Out-of-the-box, each VBScript function monitors the same items as the built-in check. Feel free to modify a function. The VBScript check can be customized by editing the VBScript function.

To add a new VBScript-based Microsoft BizTalk Server monitoring check, do the following:

To customize the above monitoring check, click on the 'Edit button' next to the 'File selection box'. Notepad will be launched. You can now make changes to the VBScript function(s).

MsBizTalkServer.vbs script source code