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Cdburn.exe - Windows 2003 Resource Kit Utility

Utility    Description
Cdburn.exe - ISO CD-ROM Burner Tool   

Cdburn allows users to burn image files containing any data, such as file systems like ISO9660 (Level 1, 2, or 3), Joliet, Universal Disk Format (UDF), or a combination of file systems. Works with Windows XP and 2003.
-erase - Erases the disk before burning (valid for R/W only)
-sao - Writes the image out in "session at once", or cue sheet, mode (default is "track at once")
-speed - Speed of burn, or 'max' for maximum speed
-imagehaspostgap - Use if your image already contains a 150 sector postgap. The [image] must be provided unless the -erase flag is set. If both an image and -erase are provided, the media will be erased prior to burning the image to the disc.
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