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Service Desk Management

The Service Desk is the single point of contact between service providers and Users, on a day-to-day basis. It is also a focal point for reporting Incidents and making service requests. As such, the Service Desk has an obligation to keep Users informed of service events, actions and opportunities that are likely to impact their ability to pursue their day-to-day activities. For example, the Service Desk might act as the focal point for Change Requests from Users, issuing Change Schedules on behalf of Change Management, and keeping Users informed of progress on Changes. Change Management should therefore ensure that the Service Desk is kept constantly aware of Change activities.

The Service Desk is in the direct firing line of any impact on the SLAs and as such needs rapid information flows.

The Service Desk may be given delegation to implement Changes to circumvent Incidents within its sphere of authority. The scope of such Changes should be predefined and the Change Management function should be informed about all such Changes. Prior approval of Change Management is essential before Changes of specification of any CI are implemented.


The primary aim of the Service Desk is to restore the 'normal service' to the users as quickly as possible. In this context 'restoration of service' is meant in the widest possible sense. While this could involve fixing a technical fault, it could equally involve fulfilling a service request or answering a query - anything that is needed to allow the users to return to working satisfactorily. Specific responsibilities will include:

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