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Incident Management - Incident escalation

Incident escalation can be divided into:

The exact levels and timescales for both functional and hierarchic escalation need to be agreed, taking into account SLA targets, and embedded within support tools which can then be used to police and control the process flow within agreed timescales.

The Service Desk should keep the user informed of any relevant escalation that takes place and ensure the Incident Record is updated accordingly to keep a full history of actions.

There may be many incidents in a queue with the same priority level - so it will be the job of the Service Desk and/or Incident Management staff initially, in conjunction with managers of the various support groups to which incidents are escalated, to decide the order in which incidents should be picked up and actively worked on. These managers must ensure that incidents are dealt with in true business priority order and that staff are not allowed to 'cherry-pick' the incidents they choose!

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