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Financial Management - Variable Cost Dynamics

Variable Cost Dynamics (VCD) focuses on analysing and understanding the multitude of variables that impact service cost, how sensitive those elements are to variability, and the related incremental value changes that result. Among other benefits, VCD analysis can be used to identify a marginal change in unit cost resulting from adding or subtracting one or more incremental units of a service. Such an analysis is helpful when applied toward the analysis of expected impacts from events such as acquisitions, divestitures, changes to the Service Portfolio or service provisioning alternatives etc.

This element of service value can be daunting since the number and type of variable elements can range dramatically depending on the type of service being analysed. The sensitivity analytics component of Variable Cost Dynamics is also a complex analytical tool because of the number and types of assumptions and scenarios that are often made around variable cost components. Below is a very brief list of possible variable service cost components that could be included in such an analysis:

The analysis of Variable Cost Dynamics often follows a line of thinking similar to market spaces, covered elsewhere in this publication. The key value derived from this body of knowledge focuses on more precisely determining what fixed and variable cost structures are linked to a service, and how they alter based on change (either incremental or monumental), what the service landscape should look like as a result, how a service should be designed and provisioned, and what value should be placed on a service.

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