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Change Management - Requests For Change (RFC)

To be frank, requests for changes need to be reviewed by the management team. Some requests simply are not practical or feasible. Some requests may be a duplication of efforts. So the first step of change management, is to review the requested changes and assure only practical realistic changes are setup to be given focus by the IT resources.

The Request for Change (RFC) is formal request for the implementation of a Change. A Request for Change is to be submitted to Change Management for any non-standard Change (a set of standard/ routine Changes is usually defined by Change Management; these are minor Changes which do not require submission to the Change Management process). A Change is backed by a Change Owner, holding a budget for its implementation. In many cases the Change Owner is identical with the RFC initiator. Typically Changes are owned by Service Management roles (e.g. the Problem Manager or Capacity Manager) or by IT management. The RFC is a precursor to the Change Record and contains all information required to approve a Change. Further information is added as the Change progresses through its lifecycle. The level of detail depends on the size and likely impact of the Change. Often there will be references to further documents containing more detailed information, e.g. a detailed Change proposal.

As major Changes are typically implemented as projects, the RFC often takes on the role of what is also known as a "Project Charter".

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