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Change Management - Forward schedule of changes

The objective of the Forward Schedule of Change (FSC) is to inform the recipients of the upcoming changes which will be implemented in the next period and beyond. There should be enough information in the FSC for the person reading to determine whether the change is going to affect them and to be able to view the change request in detail by having key data.

A simple form of FSC would be like RFC No. Change Summary, Planned date of implementation and status of the RFC. The FSC should be available for everyone within the organisation. It just acts like the change calendar for external users. What it does is enables the IT and business people to schedule their RFC accordingly.

Changes to IT applications (or infrastructure) must be scheduled and communicated well in advance to identify dependencies and avoid risks to the production environments. The Forward Schedule of Changes (FSC) is the document used to communicate change plans to the organization. Use this template to:

Ideally, the FSC should be part of an automated configuration/change management or IT service desk solution. If such a solution does not exist, employ this FSC template.

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