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Change Management - Authorizing changes

Approvals for changes can be specified in one of several ways.

Using automated approvals, emails will be sent out informing the appropriate user that they need to approve the change. They can either update the Approval field on the form, or can simply respond to the email if the appropriate inbound email action is configured.

change authorization

In this activity, a change is approved, dismissed or cancelled. Change Authorization takes into account the priority and category of the change, as well as the projected costs, time and resource constraints. The decision concerning the Change Authorization must be reflected by the Change Record. The decision between approval or dismissal of the change is met by the Change Authority (CA) responsible for that respective change. The nature of the CA depends on the category (risk) of the change. That is why the CA can either be the Service Owner of the affected service, the CAB, or the Senior Management after a consultative meeting of the CAB. The Change Record is then shifted into the status "authorized-approved" or "authorized-dismissed" depending on the vote of the CA.

To authorize, the following factors have to be taken into account:

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