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Change Management - Assessing the impact of changes

Having discussed the process of change in some depth, a word of caution is needed. Because electoral systems have psychological as well as mechanical effects, the long-term effect of changes may take some time to work through. Parties, candidates and voters may take two or three elections to fully observe and respond to the effects and incentives of particular changes. The tendency towards mixed systems may accentuate this, as the overall effect on candidates and voters of mixed incentives may be less clear.

First, it's important to understand the level of change that needs to take place in order to achieve your business objectives, so as to have a realistic appreciation of the effort required and the hurdles you will face along the way. We've categorized change into 3 broad levels, and provide a few examples below (slowly glide your mouse on the blue symbols for explanations):

Change levels

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Operational Layer:

Tactical Layer: