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Q6800017: When trying to monitor disk space on a remote workstation, I get the following error: "Result is: Uncertain" with Last Response saying: "Unable to retrieve space for disk [\\Wks001\C$]". What is the problem?
Network Monitor > Monitoring Disk Drives and Disk Space

Q6800025: I want to check disk spaces of my LINUX and UNIX servers. Is this possible?
Network Monitor > Monitoring Disk Drives and Disk Space

Q6500012: I want to uninstall ActiveXperts Network Monitor manually. How can I do it?
Network Monitor > Installation

Q7300020: Is WMI supported?
Network Monitor > Monitoring (miscellaneous)

Q6850015: I'm using ActiveXperts Network Monitor for monitoring all Event Logs in my network, but I noticed that the software is consuming a lot of bandwidth. What should I do?
Network Monitor > Monitoring Event Logs

Q7500025: Our MS Exchange server is declared as the SMTP server in ActiveXperts Network Monitor. However, Network Monitor only sends out e-mails to people inside our own organization; it doesn't send out e-mails to others?
Network Monitor > Notifications - E-mail

Q6800015: I want to monitor my Disk Drives. Will ActiveXperts Network Monitor tell me when a disk is not healthy?
Network Monitor > Monitoring Disk Drives and Disk Space

Q7150020: I need technical instructions about how to setup the RSH daemon on LINUX. Do you know any reference?
Network Monitor > Monitoring UNIX/LINUX machines

Q7820010: How can I modify existing Web Views, where should I start?
Network Monitor > Web Interface

Q7900005: Where can I find detailed information about licensing?
Network Monitor > Licensing, Purchasing, Product Activation and Support

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