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ActiveXperts Network Monitor ships with a large collection of tools and scripts that help administrators to monitor their network.

Use ActiveXperts Netork Monitor to monitor your virtualization servers, domains, computers and devices. It runs on a single Windows server, without agents required on the monitored systems. It has many built-in checks and also allows administrators to create custom checks using PowerShell, VBScript, WMI and SSH.

Autoexnt.exe - Windows 2003 Resource Kit Utility

The Windows Resource Kit is a set of tools that Windows domain administrators and engineers use to manage or support a Windows domain. Use it to streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting OS issues, managing an domain, and configuring networking/application services.

Autoexnt.exe - AutoExNT Service
The AutoExNT Service allows you to start a custom batch file, Autoexnt.bat, when you start a computer - without having to log onto the computer on which it will run. AutoExNT includes an /interactive option (analogous to the /interactive option of the AT command) that allows you to see the processes started. To use AutoExNT, you must be running Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Windows NT® version 4.0, or Microsoft® Windows NT® 3.5 or later.