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Q8100017: I want to re-install ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server. I uninstalled first, but now the installation tells me that I cannot install it in the same destination directory as before. Am I doing something wrong?
SMS Messaging Server > Installation and Startup

Q8900030: What happens after the 30 day trial period?
SMS Messaging Server > Licensing, Purchasing and Product Activation

Q8300020: What version of SMPP is supported by ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server?
SMS Messaging Server > SMPP Channels

Q8400090: Can I use an MS SQL 'Stored Procedure' to send an SMS message?
SMS Messaging Server > Messages

Q8100030: Can we assign Local System credentials to the ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server Service, or are Domain Administrator credentials required?
SMS Messaging Server > Installation and Startup

Q8150010: Would you recommend migrating the configuration database (Config.sdf) to MS SQL ?
SMS Messaging Server > General Options

Q8200050: I'm using 4 GSM Modem channels now. Can I add more GSM Modem channels?
SMS Messaging Server > GSM Modem Channels

Q8500030: Is it possible to execute an external application from a trigger?
SMS Messaging Server > Triggers

Q8300002: Can I use your software with all available SMPP providers in the world?
SMS Messaging Server > SMPP Channels

Q8800030: How many incoming messages can be processed per second?
SMS Messaging Server > Tuning and Performance

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