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Q2400030: I want to create a new Visual C++ project. Which files do I need to include in my project to make use of ActiveXperts Email Component?
Email Component > Visual C++

Q2000025: I manually registered the ActiveXperts Email Component DLL file on another machine, and now I want to unregister. How can I do this?
Email Component > Installation

Q2850025: If I buy a license, do I have to pay for future releases?
Email Component > Licensing, Purchasing and Product Activation

Q2100080: I get an error message when I send an e-mail. How do I know the meaning of this error code?
Email Component > SMTP

Q2100040: When I send an email, I get error 505: "Client does not have permission to send as this sender; change the sender e-mail address". How should I solve this?
Email Component > SMTP

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