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Q1800015: What is the difference between a 'Standard License' and a 'Professional License'?

Q1800020: What is a 'Distribution License'?

Q1800022: How to distribute a Distribution License key to target computers?

Q1800025: If I buy a license, do I have to pay for future releases?

Q1000003: How do I know what's new in the latest version of ActiveXperts Network Component?

Q1000012: When trying to register your component DLL from the command line, REGSVR32.EXE returns the following error: 0x80070005

Q1140030: Which security protocols are supported using HTTPs ?

Q1380025: We are using the component within HTML/JavaScript code. The browser is Internet Explorer. Each time the ActiveX control is loaded by the browser, a security warning is displayed. Have you any suggestion to avoid this message?

Q1320040: I get the following error message when running a VBScript sample: "Microsoft VBScript runtime error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'AxNetwork.Tcp'"

Q1180010: I have a UNIX machine, but when using Network Component's RSH object, I cannot connect to the UNIX machine ('Unable to connect to remote computer'). What's wrong?

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